• Gas detection system KS-3000-4 Product model:KS-3000-4

            Gas detection system KS-3000 is applied to continuously inspect the single point or multi-point gas in the industrial scene, in the meantime control and alert the corresponding valve, exhauster and other equipment.

            The wall mounting controller host is connected to the detectors by branching lines, so that every detector displays the gas concentration independently, the installation and wiring is also easy, and multiple detection points can be controlled intensively. It will give acoustic and visual alarm when the gas concentration reaches or exceeds the preset alarm level to remind you to take effective measures. In the meantime, the exhaust equipment, disconnecting device and spray system will be driven, in order to prevent suffocation or poisoning accident, explosion and fire. So this system can guarantee the security of production. 


    1、Plug-in microprocessor with powerful software functions, including detector signals collection, calculation, failure inspection for the system and detector, display driver, alarm indication, alarm interlink output, etc;

    2、LED display with high brightness;

    3、Menu-driven setting mode, with high accuracy of ±0.5%F.S;

    4、Touch type digital setting which can be locked with password;

    5、Easy to install and operate;

    6、High stability and reliability, convenient to install, operate and maintain;

    7、Can be set up freely based on user’s request of detection points;

    8、Interlink function (the blower and trip valve coordinated controlling) can be set based on user’s need;

    9、Can be connected to the detectors (KB-501, KB-501X, KB-501SG, KB-501F) for different gas detection with different detection range;

    9、Discrete units can be combined independently with kinds of detectors.

    Application domain:

    Petrochemical, gas, environmental protection
    Metallurgy, mining, energy, power
    Sewage treatment, urban water supply, paper printing and dyeing

    Technical Specifications

    Output / Input

    Standard 4~20mA circuit




    LED digital display, the alarm threshold can be adjusted.

    Alarm Signal

    acoustic and visual alarm

    Alarm Output

    Passive relay output (AC 220V, 2A resistive load)

    Communication Cable

    Three-core mask signal cable

    3*1 & 3*1.5㎡(self-provided

    Power Supply

    AC 220V

    Transmission Distance


    Connecting lines

    1~3 (depending on users request)


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