• Gas detection system KS-9000 Product model:KS-9000

          Gas detection system KS-9000 is a new type gas alarm controller of the latest design with simple operation. It can combine with our any kinds of gas detectors to form an industrial gas detection system. KS-9000 used imported sensor and microcontroller, with high sensitivity, quick-response capacity and steady performance. When the concentration of the detecting gas reaches or exceeds the preset alarm point, the controller will alarm with acoustic and light signals to alert us to take measures. Synchronously, the actuator will start up to drive the exhauster or cut off valve and other peripheral equipments, in order to prevent poisoning accident, explosion and fire. So this system can guarantee regular production and the security of the lives and property.


          The design of wall-mounting makes it convenient to choose the channels from 1 to 128 flexibly, namely every channel corresponds to a gas detector. Cooperating with the adaptive detector, KS-9000 can inspect all kinds of gas, such as combustible gas, toxic gas, oxygen and so on. The probe output standard 4-20mA analog signal to the sampling circuit of the controller, the single chip of the controller uses drift compensation algorithm and intelligent algorithm for the signal, finally the system can successful to finish information display, output control, alarm history record and inquire, etc. 


          KS-9000 is able to accomplish the real-time monitor and display status of the connected probe, alert with acoustic and light signals alarm status of the connected detector, synchronously keep the alarm record for all the channels, and the relay output control.


          Field of applications include the industry of petroleum, gas, environmental protection, metallurgy, mining, energy, power, sewage treatment, water supply, paper making, printing and dyeing, chemical, pharmacy, etc.

    1、Product design using wall mounted, flexible selection of 1-8 channels, i.e. each channel corresponds to a gas detector.

    2、With the use of appropriate detectors, the product can detect various types of gases, such as flammable gases, toxic gases and oxygen, etc..

    3、The product can be displayed in real time with the state information of the detector, the alarm status in the sound / light performance, while recording the alarm information of each channel, in addition to relay output control.

           * The output standard detector 4 ~ 20mA analog signal to the sampling circuit of the controller, the controller adopts microcontroller drift compensation algorithm and intelligent algorithm of the signal, the final completion of information display and output control and alarm history information recording and query.

    Application domain:

    Petrochemical, gas, environmental protection
    Metallurgy, mining, energy, power
    Sewage treatment, urban water supply, paper printing and dyeing

    Technical Specifications

    Installation Means


    Input Signal

    Octuple 4~20mA analog signal input;

    64 channels of RS-485 digital signal in put



    Power Supply

    85~265V AC (50~60HZ)

    Reserve Power Supply

    12V DC rechargeable battery (optional)

    Operating Environment

    Temperature: -20~45   

    Humidity: 10~90%RH (non-condensing)

    Atmospheric Pressure: 86~106Kpa

    Output Signal

    16 passive point (capacity: 2A/AC 220V)


    Large LED display

    Alarm Signal 

    Built-in alarm with acoustic and light signals and failure-condition record

    Alarm Output

    Electrical relay output 6 relays

    Additional Function

    Alarm silencing and alarm reset

    Power Consumption

    5 W / channel


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