service idea

To provide the best quality products is Kingsky Electronics has been adhering to the development concept:The quality of the product is related to the safety of the customer

To provide customers with the most advanced and reliable products, to provide customers with the most timely and satisfactory service.

In the process of research and production of 15 years of gas security, gas detection products, electron customer service and technical service system, to regulate continuously in the direction of standardization of continuous improvement.

service content

Kingsky Electronics to provide customers with a full range of pre-sales, after-sales overall solution, as well as personalized professional custom service.

Service project

The service content

Pre-sales support

Safety analysis

1. The environmental demand, technological process, safety protection, alarm, safety assessment implementation plan;

2. Through the principle analysis, sampling design and load calculation and simulation test to check the reliability of the system.

Program planning

According to the application requirements, production technology, combining with the experience of industry application products, to provide customers with the best solution.

The optimization design

1. According to the original design scheme, combined with the characteristics of quadratic optimization design, to provide customers with technical and efficiency of the best balance of solution;

2. The unfavorable factors analysis, provide emergency plan.

After-sales service

Installation instructions

1. Provide installation and commissioning guidance documents;

2. According to the requirements, provide products/system installation guidance service to ensure that the product/system normal and effective use.

Boot debugging

1. Line inspection and acceptance;

2. Boot testing and troubleshooting.

3.Product usage guidance。

After-sales commitment

Kingsky Electronics product aftermarket commitment

Kingsky Electronics to all users to ensure that the products are technologically advanced, mature and reliable and qualified products identified by the state.
In order to better serve you, we have developed the following programs:

一、Warranty period and warranty scope
1、Since the date of sale, our company will provide the relevant technical support and tracking services, including: guide installation, commissioning, as well as the use of personnel training, etc..
2、This product warranty period of one year, the product installation, commissioning is put into use, within one year, due to product quality problems, resulting in equipment can not operate normally, we will provide free maintenance.
3、When the machine is in normal use, we will respond within 24 hours, consult the on-site service or return to factory maintenance.
4、After the sale of this product, we will conduct regular follow-up visits to provide technical support, life-long maintenance. When the user is in need of after-sales service, should provide the corresponding purchase documents.

二、Range of paid services
1、When your product is out of warranty.
2、You are not according to the specifications for the installation and use of damage, disassemble itself or man-made damage treatment.
3、Unexpected factors, such as: natural disasters, such as non - resistant (such as earthquakes, flooding, fire, etc.), or transport, extrusion, collision, fall and other damage caused by.

三、Fault repair
1、When we received a phone repair: repair phone failure, technical personnel will be the fastest response to the problem of your failure analysis and provide solutions.
2、Back to the factory maintenance: if the case can not be repaired due to the complexity of the individual failure of the machine, the service staff will work with you to clear the repair time. After your approval, back to the customer service center maintenance, in three - five working days to complete the repair, in case of special circumstances can not be completed, we will negotiate with you.
3、Site maintenance: in order to provide on-site service for your service, after-sales personnel will be repaired on the spot, for the warranty period, we will charge the appropriate parts costs

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